What does TICH mean?

Hispanic-American Inter-Cultural Workshop (TICH) Social Impact



TICH is a cultural school.

TICH is a cultural school where the Hispanic and non Hispanic children between the ages of 5 and 13 learn the Spanish language, literature, its leaders and organizations, Hispanic history in and out of the United States, and lend their voluntary services to the community.

TICH's mission is to contribute to the development of Hispanic children's cultural identity, to motivate children's interest in school and achieve its individual goals, improve communication with their parents, while establishing a bridge between their heritage and culture in which they live. Also, to prepare them to serve their community and gain leadership qualities.

TICH is the bridge towards biculturalism.

TICH is the bridge between two cultures. At present, in the United States where Hispanics are the largest growing minority, TICH is a place where the Hispanic and non Hispanic child develops values, behaviors and the knowledge that facilitates their growth and well-being and flourish as a bicultural bilingual individual, through the study of the Spanish language, literature, folk dancing, music, food, legends and Spanish traditions. Contributing to increase their sensitivity, respect and tolerance towards other cultures, indispensable requirement to live together in a multicultural country. TICH is a response to the conflicts generated while faced with two cultures.

TICH is a social prevention program.

TICH fulfills its mission not only generates individual process but contributes to the prevention and diminishes some of the worst problems in the Hispanic juvenile community such as the high rate of school dropout, teenage pregnancy, gangs, lack of intra-family communication caused in great part by identity problems, lack of role models and difficulty in adjusting to the bicultural and bilingual environment.

TICH is a recognized experience.

TICH is in its fifth year. During this time TICH have become frequent guests of shows (educational entities, media and public events) where the theme is bilingual, multiculturalism and the Hispanic culture. In May, 2003, the 1st Tampa Hispanic Cultural Festival was organized with great success. For her work with TICH, its director received the Hispanic Woman of the Year in Arts Award in the Tampa Bay 2002 and the Hispanic Heroe Award in Arts in Tampa Bay 2003.

TICH is a unique and repeatable experience.

TICH is an innovative and unique school, not only in Tampa, but in Florida. Not only can you learn Spanish, dance to latin music but it is also an opportunity to approach a culture in its entirety and to prepare to communicate and serve in the community. TICH is a repeatable experience in the different areas where its urgency to build bridges of bicultural communication because through this program pedagogical instruments have been developed (texts, guides, etc.) and appropriate pedagogical methods and programs.

TICH exists by voluntary contributions of time and resources.

Since the beginning, TICH has functioned through with the financial support and voluntary work of its founder and director who recruits and leads a team of voluntary teachers. This team has joined TICH not for economic retribution but for the commitment to TICH's mission and a profound love for children's education. At present, TICH has 55 students, 8 teachers in different subjects, and a support team of 6 volunteers, as well as 35 involved families.

TICH needs to grow.

As an educational and service entity it is at a stage where the demand for the director's full time to develop as a nonprofit organization, as well as to continue to grow and prepare to be a self sufficient entity. Conscientious of TICH's potential, its director resigned from her previous work in The Carrollwood Baptist Learning Center (Tampa) in order to dedicate and devote her time to TICH's development. Once TICH has consolidated as a nonprofit organization, TICH would be able to receive donations, and consequently, expand its activities throughout the week and in diverse Tampa Bay areas.

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Through its program, TICH contributes to change the community in its multicultural relations on three levels:

1.    Family:

Intergenerational communication inside the immigrant family:  The knowledge of his/her own language and roots permits a child to improve his/her communication with his/her parents and extended family and establishes bridges between his/her heritage and the other culture where he/she lives.

2.  Individual:

Effective Socialization:  A ! child learns his/her parents' language and culture not only as a link to his/her surrounding culture but also as a tool to communicate with those newcomers arriving from other Hispanic cultures. He also learns to be tolerant and to share better his/her culture with members of other cultures.

Self-Esteem:   By knowing his/her roots and strengthening his/her identity, TICH
increases the Hispanic child's self-esteem. This represents a major social development to him/her and translates into a lower risk of involvement in gangs, less school desertion and more motivation to reach individual goals. “Strong roots...healthy stems!!! Deep roots...confident youths!!!”

Knowledge of the resources available for the community: Through TICH, a child contacts all kinds of institutions that provide services for Hispanics such as Hispanic Media and Hispanic professional organizations, as well as Hispanic leaders. Basically, a child has access to resources for his/her personal and professional growth as Hispanic.

3. Community:

Leadership: TICH forms future leaders who will represent and understand the Hispanic community better by knowing it, getting involve personally, and identifying themselves with its problems and virtues.

Inter-Cultural Relationship: TICH offers to children and young people of different cultures in the United States a window to observe the Hispanic world, and promotes togetherness in a multiracial and multicultural society.

Civic Commitment: Once a child finishes the TICH program, he/she becomes more sensitive to be a part of voluntary services offered by several institutions that serve the Hispanic community such as hospitals, service centers and nursing homes. His/her bicultural and bilingual skills and strengths are available to the society.

Innovator Program: TICH is an innovator program in the way that it involves children from all Hispanic cultures to get close to the culture of their parents and to all the other Hispanic cultures. TICH also is a trendsetter in its commitment to guide kids to know their culture as a whole absorbing main cultural manifestations such as language, Hispanic history in the United States, music, dance and traditions useful to build upon them. TICH presents the kids with other Hispanic people that excel in our society as a good role model giving foundation to break free from racism and pre-judice. "Cultural identity is important, but it's where the kids take that cultural identity and what the kids make of it," TICH.
TICH is a unique model in Tampa (FL) that can be reproduced in other areas, cities and states of the whole country. Due to a high growing rate of the Hispanic population in the United States, it is urgent to build bridges of bicultural communication.

TICH is a program that contributes to the formation of leaders and citizens prepared to serve a multicultural society where it promotes cultural tolerance as well.

4.TICH with the community:

1. Hispanic Cultural Festival of Tampa.
2. Hispanic Theater Celebration of Tampa.
3. Children & Youth Hispanic Leader Award.
4. Latin Family Fun Bazaar.
5. Hispanic Youth Celebration
6. Child’s Day Celebration
7. Hispanic Civic Youth Adviser Committee

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TICH is a name with doble meaning. One way it corresponds to the pronounciation of the word teach for the majority of Hispanic-americans; and on the other hand is the abbreviations for the initials of the Taller Inter-Cultural Hispano-americano in Spanish.


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